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May 17, 2013

listening ears

top ten life lessons that my baby has taught me:

10. poo often, it keeps your body happy.

9. everyone busy? observe the people around you, and delight in them. waiting your turn isn’t so bad.

8. you don’t have to have a big personality to get noticed. just an infectious smile.

7. if you feel cranky, eat more.

6. feeling bored? bang things together. it’ll liven things up, guaranteed.

5. the funniest person in the house is the three-year old. squeal when he is silly, it encourages him to be his best.

4. giggle when people touch you and kiss you. kiss them back.

3. naps are magical and transformative.

2. if you stick your tongue out at things that interest you, you might get lucky.

1. you know what’s awesome? everything.