pieces of me

i am blessed with amazing parents and am indebted to them for all things opportunity.

i harbour an affinity for avocados and sincerely believe that they bring me closer to nirvana.

i read newspapers about a week after receipt and i have a thing for the obituaries. this is not because motherhood ate my life, it has always been this way.

i feel suffocated if i don’t live near water, so i almost always do.

i identify with being both a runner and an athlete, though i am no longer either of these things. i do, however, rejoice in movement regardless that my bones cry pain.

i once moved to the city to find myself and i think it might have worked.

i have a strong aversion to books or movies with time travel as a theme.

i really appreciate when a movie allows me to have a good, solid, cry.

i regularly consider fleeing from my career to share random interpretive dance routines (ribbons and all) with the unsuspecting public.

i like fashion but can’t pull much off, fiscally.

i love being served food, and wine!

i have an attitude bigger then yours, but i don’t often bite.

i am grounded by ceremony and i participate in ritual hair cuts.

i have a problematic relationship with lip gloss.

i know that ghosts follow me, and you.

i would eat books for breakfast, if i didn’t have so much to do.

i am in a long term romance with the city of new york and i wish i could meet who i might have been if i moved there when i was young and my story was unwritten.

i appreciate sedatives in my life, as do the people closest to me.

being outdoors is my medicine and rubber boots bring me closer to my spirit self.

i am less political as my heart breaks down to bits, year after year. despite this, i am an optimist, and deeply believe in human good.

i work damn hard. this said, i think i escaped my time to die and often feel guilty that i am not as productive as someone on borrowed time should be.

i swear too much, but sometimes a girl needs some expletives.

i have no shame in admitting i eff’n love oprah. seriously.

though i have a terrible voice, i sing often, and loudly.

dancing with my big boy son is my definition of a party.

i am moved to tears on a regular basis, and watching my babies live is no exception-  is there anything more beautiful then the light inside children?

i exercise my right to return.

one day, i will have a little shop- funky and quaint and awesome. i may also be a children’s author, we’ll see.

as you can see, i dream. i have faith that i have the ability to transform my life, motivated by these dreams.

in my twisty brain, cleanliness is close to godliness.

i trust that fresh orange juice is a good reminder of the possibility of purity in this life we lead.

i have the memory of a newt but seem to get by just fine.

i’m not sure i’m convinced about the virtues of monogamy or matrimony but true love found me in the unlikeliest of places and, though i was surprised and scared, i went with it. as a result,  i am not living the life i thought i would be living, but i wouldn’t have it any other way… good lives here, with him, and i don’t know how i got so lucky.


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