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June 12, 2013

enough is enough

the top blogger results are in and… i didn’t “win”.

i do, however, feel like i have won- many times over.

being noticed, nominated, and shortlisted, is “win” enough. meeting fellow mommy bloggers, building community, and learning loads is “win” enough. feeling validated, reinforced, and supported in my endeavor is “win” enough. feeling as though my integrity, authenticity, and voice are celebrated is “win” enough. placing in the top ten is hugely, massively, and tremendously “win” enough.

so, thank you. thank you for your loyalty and thank you for your support.




June 8, 2013

shameless self promotion and other personality flaws

week 2 of the blogger contest will conclude tomorrow and i have never been more neurotic (don’t worry, i have some perspective, i know that this is no where near true).

though i’ve definitely been nuttier, there is no doubt that having been named as one of vancouver’s top mommy bloggers has had me spinning. afterall, it wasn’t so long ago that i wrote this, which should have served as a warning re my general lack of ego strength as well as my flailing “blogger” identity.

i am floored by the recognition and, albeit confused, am super delighted that someone other then my mom likes what i’ve got going on (no offense little lady) and, admittedly, am excited beyond belief about having been invited into such a cool club of really, really talented women.

this said, i have found myself wondering how this came to be, considering my un-blog ways and all, and have been immersed in near-constant reflection (narcissistic, much?) re the whole she-bang- spending far too much time querying my my writing style, the intent and possible purpose of my writing, the direction of my writing, the perhaps goal of my writing, the am i even good enough aspects of my writing. so many ridiculously unimportant questions in the larger scheme of things.

needless to say, the sane person in me has been begging to be let out of this brain.

and then, a sign from the universe:

the mike robbins, well-respected author and motivational speaker, started following me on twitter. i have no idea how or why this transpired but i’ll take it. previously aware of him via work, i’m a fan, you see, as his message centers on emotional intelligence, overcoming personal fear, moving forward with confidence, and living in line with your individual and authentic truth.

you see what i see? yah, that’s right. i’m considering the timing of this to be more then ironic. i’m gonna go ahead and name it a little spirit nudge.

thank you cosmic intervention, i needed that.

i also need you. there are just a couple days left of this comp and with my new found self-assuredness, i think it might be fun to try and be a contender.

if you haven’t already, please send a vote my way and peer pressure your friends to do the same.

vote here:


as for the rest of you, many, many thanks for generously promoting me, voting for me, and encouraging others to do the same. i’m truly flattered.

peace, hh.

June 7, 2013

the written tradition





not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached: “a loose tooth”.


set free; release: “the hounds have been loosed”.



lax – slack – free


release – loosen – untie – unfasten – unbind – undo


June 1, 2013

eff yes

“Giving birth is little more than a set of muscular contractions granting passage of a child. Then the mother is born.” — Erma Bombeck

May 23, 2013

i couldn’t have said it better myself