1. hire a babysitter to play with eldest while youngest naps 2 x per wk. clean during this time.

2. hydrate (and drink lavender-mint tea in large quantities).

3. detox: eat more salad and less bread.

4. be in the sun as often as possible.

5. be present during play time (immerse, indulge, bring and receive joy and love exchanges).

6. nap in the afternoon whilst the dependents sleep / rest.

7. make dinner early, clean up early, have the dependents fed, bathed and in bed early.

8. yoga q 1 x per 24hr period and prn.

9. bed by 930 for book time.

10. lights out at 10.


4 Comments to “rx”

  1. I could sure use some yoga time! But right now I don’t feel like there is anytime of day that I can do it!

  2. Great words to live by! Pretty sure I don’t meet half of these. Need to make some changes.

  3. What a great list! I wish I could accomplish all these things everyday but with one kid who doesn’t nap and one who struggles to nap I am thinking that one will never be crossed off my list until they are both in full time school. Good luck on tackling this list!

  4. I love #5, being present during play time! Sometimes I get bored so I tune out…thanks for the reminder =)

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