fire bird

dear you,

i’m not sure what i did to deserve a baby like you but, thank you.

thank you for your sunny disposition. thank you for sharing your generous and genuine affection without any reservation. thank you for lighting up when you catch sight of me. thank you for your powerful, warm, medicinal, smile. thank you for breathing in my face- your delightful apple juice scent, evidence that you really are sweet to the core. thank you for sloppy open-mouthed kisses. thank you for your bright, mischievous, eyes. thank you for your alfalfa mohawk that makes it impossible to take life too seriously. thank you for “talking” with your eyebrows and in so doing bringing your tofino family closer. thank you for being so busy in your body and keeping us all wondering. thank you for being patient with me. thank you for teaching me about unconditional positive regard. thank you for being a ray of light.

you exemplify tolerance and grace, my little man, and i absolutely adore you.

“god help you if you are a phoenix and you dared to rise up from the ash” -ani.


One Comment to “fire bird”

  1. he is truly a gift from above ….

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