“mom, you’re the only girl. are you sad that you don’t have a penis?”


3 Comments to “surrounded”

  1. Reminds me of many years ago, when my niece, who has an older brother, and who’d been told the difference between boys and girls, raced up to my sister one day to happily announce, “Mum, I DO have a penis… I looked, and it’s just smaller than Mike’s, but I DO have a penis…!” So there!

  2. Bahaha! My son’s just starting to understand the idea that he has one & I don’t. My response to someone asking if I’m sad not to have a penis would probably be that I’m happy to have mainly *internal* genitalia. The idea of having them so exposed just seems too risky. 😉

    Found your blog by way of the Vancouver Mom Top Blogger Contest, by the way. Will I see you at the big shindig tonight? I’ll be one of the Ambassadors at the door–hope to connect in person!

  3. Hahaha! I needed that this morning! Oh boys!

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