enough is enough

the vancouvermom.ca top blogger results are in and… i didn’t “win”.

i do, however, feel like i have won- many times over.

being noticed, nominated, and shortlisted, is “win” enough. meeting fellow mommy bloggers, building community, and learning loads is “win” enough. feeling validated, reinforced, and supported in my endeavor is “win” enough. feeling as though my integrity, authenticity, and voice are celebrated is “win” enough. placing in the top ten is hugely, massively, and tremendously “win” enough.

so, thank you. thank you for your loyalty and thank you for your support.





3 Comments to “enough is enough”

  1. Can I second all your sentiments? 🙂

  2. Well done dear! Top ten, I’m so proud.

  3. Congratulations! Very exciting!

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