i never thought i’d hear myself say…

10. does this nursing bra make my boobs look fat?

9. we should exchange numbers and get the kids together.

8. is today tuesday?

7. we’ll be there sometime in between 10 and 12.

6. oh shit, i just peed myself.

5. if you say “momma” one more time, you are going for a time out.

4. do you think they’ll notice the milk stains?

3. my hair is acceptable greasy.

2. babe, have you ever thought about divorce? we could do 50 / 50 with the kids?

1. do these flats come in a size 11?


3 Comments to “i never thought i’d hear myself say…”

  1. Ahahaha, thanks for the laugh. I can so relate…

  2. BWHAHAHA omg I can relate to all if not most of those lol!!

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