paying for it

i don’t believe in fate: it’s too passive, too deterministic, too lazy.

fate based perspectives leave no room for agency, it dismisses the role of intent, of effort, of contribution. worse, it takes politics out of the dialogue, it allows no scrutiny of social injustice, of oppression, of abuse.

i don’t believe in fate.

this said, it wasn’t but a few days after i re-established myself as a runner that i fell down the stairs and sprained both my ankles, badly. my left toe bruised so deeply i was sent for x-rays to confirm the suspicion that it was broken; my arches purple from strain; my achilles swollen, tender to touch.

i was rendered disabled, not from daily life, thank goodness, but from running. after weeks of not running when i had the chance, now i couldn’t. i had the luxury of choice revoked.

like fate, i don’t believe in Karma: people don’t always get what we deserve.
i, however, did.


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