big ‘tings a gwan

i am so honoured to report that the lovely crystal allen of, a colourful and playful site dedicated to creative living and inspiring friends, has acknowledge me as one of her “sew creative” pals. thank you, crystal.

it really is delightful to have my words be recognized as a creative process, especially by a such a crafty woman. if you want to get to know me better, her icon links to my interview. i promise a good time, as my inner most secrets are revealed (though i’m not very scandalous so it’s all quite PG).


secondly, i am so proud to have been recognized as a “REAL” Real Housewife of Vancouver on a witty, relevant, and entertaining blog centered on life for 30 somethings in vancouver, a city we love (and love to hate). with a tag line of “get up, go to work, raise kids, pay bills, sleep. repeat.” you can imagine why i was immediately sold.

my profile about keepin’ it real (and more juicy secrets about my very common life) are available for your enjoyment via the adorbs button below. while you’re browsing, check out the absurd real estate listings for a laugh (or cry).

thanks to melissa carr for the props.

RRHOV button for participants

last (but definitely not least), i received the best email ever, notifying me that of 240 nominations, i’ve been shortlisted as one of‘s top 30 mommy bloggers.


how did this happen? one of you awesome peeps must have nominated me (and the judges must have been impaired). thank you, thank you, thank you, whoever you are.

i am looking forward to getting my meet n’ greet on with a whole crew of fabulous vancouver mothers, writers, bloggers and supporters at the upcoming glam it up event.

as you can see, it has been quite a special week for this momma. i am feeling very, very fortunate that people are so nice to me (including you, reader)!

with gratitude for your support and encouragement,



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