booby and the beast

despite what the title may lead you to believe, this is a one man show.

just me. well, that’s not entirely true. i’m talking about me, the boobs, and the body odour.

it’s no secret that i’m a breast feeder (you can’t hide a chest this big even if you weren’t a milk factory), so that’s not the crazy. afterall, making milk is pretty cool and feeding your baby with your body is really special. not so special though? this time around, no matter what i do, i just can’t smell good.

i recognize what my body is doing: i’m stinkin’ it up animalistic style so my babe knows, via the science of scent, who is his mother. it’s like having my own honing device and that’s kinda nifty, actually. the only problem is that i am socially unacceptable for so many reasons already. and, it’s bad. at yoga class the other night i even offended myself…

the good news is, i treasure my babe so close so i’ll keep him there, getting all that good stuff, as long as i can. despite it being a taxing responsibility at times i would never choose to do it different (no judgement to those who do, of course). my body (and my emotional and psychological self) is capable of creating, carrying, v-birthing, and feeding my babe and, so, i do.

so, for now, as my sister-in-law melissa wisely stated, i will “revel in my son’s primal need for his mother and my body’s ability to nourish him” (and, while doing so, accept the beast factor supreme).

as for you, cut me some slack. i’m trying, i swear.


2 Comments to “booby and the beast”

  1. LOL!!!! and i breath a sigh of relief to be reminded that I was not along when a year ago i too was smelling my own pits among a crowd, wondering when my next shower would be, smiling politely when others said “isn’t this just the best!” and looking forward to my next 15 minute cap nap before i dove into the next poop diaper:) Its a wonder that the little babes don’t seem to mind our stench but you’re right, it must be so they can find us among the masses:) Thanks for this post! xox

  2. Lol… My only saving grace during that time was that I live in a place where most people, on a day-to-day basis, eschew deodorant and smell significantly worse than I did.

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