around the corner and down the way

i did it: i took my sorry, lonesome, and lazy butt out for a run. solo!
well, that’s not entirely true… i pushed my boy brood along with me in their stroller so i did have company, of sorts.
regardless, i say it counts. it was me who chose the activity; it was me who got us ready; it was me who got us out the door; it was me who pushed us all along; it was me, running.
it was a ‘coming home’ run for me. orienting. grounding.
we are fortunate to live in a neighborhood that is quite distinct within our big city, separate and removed from the main drag and held in tight by geographic barriers, which creates an intimacy that, i assume, couldn’t be paralled in another neighborhood. and, today, once in motion, there it all was: the view around here and all the hidden and beautiful details that i’d let get by my eyes those weeks that i had stopped running.
there was our neighbours, and the work they had all been doing on the gardens that i had not noticed, having been passing mostly by car. there were the regular dog walkers, and their companions, of course, one now missing though the grief very present in his owner, evident as he mentioned the loss. there was the local elementary school, my big boy pointing and telling me all about it, his local friends who do or will be going, and informing me that he too will attend when he grows up. there was a new mama duck with her babies, all towing the line. there was our river beach, many wonderful memories and all the future dates to be had- just us, the sand, and the open air. there was the heat, having arrived with the spring the last few weeks.
we soon arrived at our house, the run showing me that i, despite my hiatus, had, like the days, gotten lighter- my pace able to manage the kilometers even with the added weight of my children and their carriage. then, to my delight, my eldest son lept out and offered a spontaneous and encouraging high five.

“good work mamma!”, he exclaimed, while my baby happily smiled up at me, having thoroughly enjoyed being out and about at that speed. i smiled large and wide, as well.

there was where i come from and where i am going.


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