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March 10, 2013

these bones

these hips once spun through the air, landing

against wet cedar

like forest ghosts,

splintered when no one was looking.

my pelvis and pubic bone also burst

on impact

when my left side met forcefully with the consequences of sleep deprivation, bad weather, and speed.

these bones, all halved,

separated my core in four,
and, along with other misfortunes,

left me unable to move, sit, stand, walk, and function- for months.
by bless they healed,


like the rest of me,

humbled yet angry at my vulnerability.

this rim,

though fused,

woven and knit to whole, became uneven, slightly,

at the back,

where my spine escaped a worse fate,
and a limp lingers yet,

though the only traces of tragedy people notice are the scars on my face from the pole i acquainted- also splintered, but in my skin.

this skeleton,


found movement again

my fire making it so,

despite caution

and brought me back to ‘normal’ so i could move on,

even if my body continued to suffer in movement beneath me.

this frame: silenced neglected ignored, even,

became wound


unable to withstand my insistence without pain

but, amazingly, continued to persist and prosper regardless of the failures of my lifestyle.

years later, this pelvis, still with memory of injury, carried me in, ripe and full, to term



and relaxing into careful opening

releasing years of tension and making room for my body to deliver his body and, then,

alone without tone still,

worked for us again and held its ground,

while i slumped over exhausted limbs, labouring across excruciating hours for his body, too.
these bones they screamed as i screamed,


in a scene out of a movie where it might all have went wrong but didn’t…


while they expelled life and showed me, laughing, again, that they could.

this said,
these hips this pelvis this core

once fluid,

went uncared for and now lack lubrication to allow for the pairing of movement and grace.


my middle groans at the thought of impact

but having displayed capacity and

infinite power
i am in my frame anew and hesitate, no longer.
these bones,

once betrayed and then held to blame, unjustly,

taught me
of resilience


they took me future forward

further than all the days since spilt cars and bodies became part of my story.
these legs, this girl, running- because i still can.