tricks of the trade

to add insult to injury, i’m one of the lucky moms who needs to be hyper conscious of liquid and fiber intake whilst breastfeeding, if you get my drift. as if the constant leak from my bladder and mammary glands was not glamorous enough. alas, no one said being a mom was pretty.

anyhow, should you find yourself in a predicament like mine i highly recommend “grammy’s compote”. healthy, tasty, and the shit works like a hot damn (no pun intended). the only downside is your three your old may begin referring to you as a “tootie rootie girl”, not that i know anything about that.

the deets:

– chop 2 cups prunes and 2 cups dried apricots.
– throw them in a sauce pan with 1 cup sultana raisins, 2 tspns cinnamon, and 3 cups water.
– bring to a boil. reduce to low heat. cover. simmer / stew on low for about 45 mins.
– enjoy 2 tbspns daily w/ oatmeal, on toast, or with yogurt. or, satisfy your sweet tooth and down it straight (hardcore, right?).

it freezes great. oh, and it’s kid friendly too, though i would suggest reducing the serving size, unless you really wanna party.

good luck soldier.

p.s.- for those of you who find this irrelevant and/or unacceptable, i know, it’s true, i’ve hit a new low. lately i am guilty of smelling like milk, i have been known to pee myself, and i like to talk about bowel regularity. i also like tea and i prefer to go to bed at 8pm. pretty geriatric, yah? but, hey, my boobs might be considered perky if i began to hang with seniors and that sounds like a good plan, if you ask me.


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