false advertising

ever seen the children’s show “olive the ostrich”? no, probably not- your life is likely more interesting then mine. i, however, have a frantic cluster feeding newborn and a (neglected) preschooler and, therefore, have seen this show, as knowledge kids is on sometimes (read: more often then it should be). anyways, point is, olive: whattabitch.

why? the show’s jingle actually introduces olive’s mother to us stating that “olive’s mother enjoys pushing out HUGE eggs” and then demonstrates, complete with dopey animated smile on said ostrich mother’s face. i kid you not, this is not a sleep deprived fabrication. i saw it with my own puffy eyes! what bullshit.

olive’s ridiculous mother probably also ‘enjoys’ the sound of her newborn, who lacks self soothing skills (that’s right, 2 for 2), completely lose his shit  instead of cringing, cursing, and engaging in escapist blogging behaviour.

fack, i think i’ll take it one step further and put my own head in the sand.


One Comment to “false advertising”

  1. You. Crack. Me. Up. Mwah!

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