twinkle twinkle

there is a family that i became aware of sometime last fall who are losing their young and fiery daughter, actively, to brain cancer. in fact, today may be the day that she slips into the next world, or wherever young and pure lives go when they end too soon.

why i read these blog posts i may never know, but i think it probably has everything to do with awe and respect, for both the mothers and their heroism, and, of course, for the little girl’s spirit and fight.

i haven’t commented or publicly reflected on their story because, simply, i don’t know what to say. i still don’t. i respect the mothers and their family very, very much and it seems empty to say anything, at all, considering i am a stranger to them and my thoughts and words will not find home in any real way. and it’s theirs and it’s private and it’s sacred and it seems no right of mine to touch it with me when it is about them.

the thing is though, it can’t be denied that this is real, right now, and that truthfully, no words can be words enough to comment. and, despite the fact that the gifts that these mothers have given their daughter, and their sons, by honouring their daughter’s living in such a pure and focussed way will never be measurable, they remain extreme, and they are so powerful, and they have resonated very deeply in me and i feel that the time to draw attention to their mountain is now.

it is time because they are so very, very, brave and i hope that grace and comfort find them in their darkest hour and hold their hearts,  so tenderly, as well as the hearts of those people that love them, and i can’t help believe that sending cosmic energy has an impact.

so, i ask that you also acknowledge them and their mountain and send compassion and strength and healing. i ask that you send prayers, if you are the praying kind, and ask that their daughter be blessed on her dying journey, and that they, as mothers, are equally blessed for being courageous enough to love her, as uniquely as she deserves, until her last breath.

kleco, kleco.

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One Comment to “twinkle twinkle”

  1. Thank you So much for caring enough to learn about Stella and for writing about her here. It’s so beautiful to feel her spirit out in the world…thank you for that gift! Mishima

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