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September 13, 2012

no idle threat

my body asked me to stop so, i listened.

if there was no one that i was responsible for but me i would’ve-could’ve worked harder-stronger-longer-further but, at this time, this was not an option. i heard baby’s call: please acknowledge me, please care for me, please slow down for me.

and, baby deserves it.

as a mother, you have the choice to do wrong by yourself but you have no right to do wrong by the others, those you have created and are primarily accountable to. there is no option there, or there is, i suppose, but it’s always the wrong choice to not do right by your children.

so, don’t.

so, pause. so, struggle. so, adjust. so, re-learn. so, push through. so, rise. so, find balance. so, stay sane. so, get creative. so, feel baby grow. so, be pregnant now, let it show.