bringing sexy back

this upcoming saturday is premeditated date day / night. you know, the kind of date that parents have quarterly where they spend most of the time talking about the kids they are so desperate to have some alone time from, or their budget (barf), and then come home around 10, wiped because they pretended to have a life? maybe i’m projecting. ahem.

anyhow, given this, is it wrong that i want to use my child free time to clean the whole house top to bottom and then just sit back and admire it for 24 hrs? maybe i could have a long, uninterrupted, morning soak, get redressed in my pj’s, and lounge with the paper, a stack of unread magazines and maybe even a movie, mid day?

it’s come to this, this is my dream date. this is my definition of steamy. this is what i fantasize about: time, silence, clean, early bed times, late wake times. maybe i could even shave my legs. don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?


One Comment to “bringing sexy back”

  1. You’re not projecting!

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