i’m not into crafts, but i can be crafty

like decorating for christmas, for instance, which i am quite gifted at, if you may. it’s true. merriment is a lifestyle, one that has nothing to do with christmas and everything to do with living juicy, and this can be practiced all year long, of course. this said, in my world, merriment goes seasonal at christmas, for sure, and warm fuzzies abound in my home, for which i am quite proud.

i am fortunate to have a small amount of self-restraint which permits me the decency to avoid bedazzling my house in tacky cartoon like crap effective november 1st (or ever, thank you very much), but that’s about all the restraint i have. in all other departments, i am a sinner.

decorating before the end of november? it’s happened. participating in voyeuristic delights, i.e. window shopping in the christmas aisle for weeks before i actually go for the gold? yah, i’ve been finding excuses to go shopping almost daily. delaying making dinner and touring my vulnerable and impressionable young child around the neighborhood looking at christmas lights instead? it’s all about priorities, and merriment is mine. peer pressuring my reasonable spouse to put up the lights, almost daily? yah, it’s pretty much on.

and this year, i have the fever bad. i foresee busting out the lights, myself, a rebellious act of insubordination against my husband’s ‘rule’ of december only festivus. who does he think he is, anyways? plus, i’ve got my moo on my side. we are feeling the spirit. it’s 2 against 1. hubby loses. but, he might also win, because i drink more wine during the holidays. a tipsy wife is a happy wife. hehehe.

enjoy the lights!

p.s.- because wine is my friend, i am feeling generous. here are some tips in avoiding tacky whilst trying to achieve palette pleasing decor. it’s nothing major, but as i have the decorating gift, here is my gift to you:

in order to achieve holiday perfection, which admittedly, i am quite interested in, one must be careful to ensure that decor is full and rich but appears pleasingly minimalist. no one likes over the top vibes and, frankly, a few anorexic lights are just depressing. perfection seems so closely related to finding graceful harmony between the traditional and stylish, with consistency in theme but not boring uniformity. you get the idea. more is more if it looks like less and tradition is classic but  twist in some mod so it’s not tired and worn. easy, huh?

have fun, and be merry.

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One Comment to “i’m not into crafts, but i can be crafty”

  1. I fear having you over this season, for fear my decor is not up to snuff. I strong armed my hubby into lights last weekend. Point for me 😉

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