by the balls

to the best of my knowledge, no children have died simply as a result of attending daycare. unfortunately, i can’t say the same for mothers as we are vulnerable to dying little deaths everyday that we leave our child in the hands of another.

so, if you look after precious little ones, i beg you to consider the following list of requests, on behalf of brave working mothers everywhere.

1. be aware of the trust we invest in you and don’t abuse that gift.

2. be considerate of how vulnerable we feel and tread lightly, you got all the power here.

3. be patient with our neurosis, it’s hard to let go and not know what your child’s day looks like while you’re gone.

4. deliver challenging news gracefully, hearing about your child’s misbehaviour or listening issues from someone who doesn’t love them can feel loud and cutting, even  on non-sensitive days.

5. be generous with your tenderness, when our babe is without us, they need to feel safe still, especially when sick, or tired. give in to them sometimes, indulge their comfort needs. let them know you are their protector, as well.

6. be fair, all children in your care should have equal access to toys, space, and your attention. notice where there might be hidden biases, our babes do.

7. be cautious of invoking change without notice. we rely so heavily on you to maintain the routine that keeps our fragile system in balance and little changes can feel like big earthquakes.

8. spare us your judgement. ’nuff said.

frankly, that’s about all. sound reasonable? i thought so too. do we got a deal then? great. don’t fuck with it.

kleco, kleco, hh.

p.s.- i wish i had a point 9 and point 10. it would be cleaner and more complete that way, both of which i would prefer. but, i don’t. i just didn’t have time to think it through.

hey! remember point number 8 bitches, i don’t need yours, i got enough to go around. thanks.


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