let it grow bigger the the sun

dear self,

i hear you need a pep talk. you wanna know how to revolutionize your life? manifest personal greatness and desired outcomes? i got you covered, listen up. here’s how:

first, get rested. nothing is as important or critical as rest. sound impossible? it’s not. in order for you to get more beauty sleep something will have to be compromised, something will have to lose out. you, however, can only win if you’re rested . so, no excuses. get napping. or, alternatively, if you work like a race horse and the opportunity to nap eludes you, go to bed early. simple.

next, drink loads of h2o. not much else is required, though, admittedly, i’m partial to some java and vino in the mix, as you may know. and, obviously, eat less crap. no need to get defensive, there is no point. it’s true, you consume garbage and it’s holding you back. pure food is dream fuel.

then, sweat some. get your sweat on walking, running, stretching, dancing, playing, or laughing even, for all i care. it doesn’t matter how, it matters why. your blood needs it to be pumped up and your head needs it too. don’t think it does?you’re wrong. manifesting greatness is big work and you gotta be clear. a little sweat detox, a little blood cleanse, a little intestinal flush, it goes a long way. trust me on this one.

now that you are physically ready, you gotta find your soul center. sounds big, yah? it’s not. you already know where it is. go there, deep there, and ask for some help. offer a trade, pull a favour, barter. you gotta get your spirit on side. you may need to work at this one, neglect takes it’s toll on relationships and you may have to build up trust again. it’s a process that can’t be rushed. romance yourself, and have some fun doing it. once you’re there, connected and whole, listen. be reminded that purpose is perfectly paired with patience. you need both to go forward gracefully.

with body and spirit awake, now it’s time to use your brain. revolutions have never just been about emotion. get informed, get organized, get strategic, get purposeful, get committed. it’s mission time.

ready? alright. ready, set, implement. time to introduce your readiness to your hopes and intentions, embark on your action plan, and meet the opportunities as prepared as you need to be. face forward, and smile while you’re at it.

catch you later, self. best wishes as you grow the life you want to be living.

p.s.- feel free to consider a drastic hair cut. change begins with change. 

p.p.s- remember to thank the universe when it all works out. gratitude will take you far in this life.


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