a job well done

” Dear Ms. H,
Thank you for your recent assessment note, which I found to be thorough and astute.  I am in total agreement with the management plan and will look forward to further updates as to your patient’s progress.  Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance in her ongoing care.

Yours sincerely,

Sheila C, MD CCFP ”

big thanks to my dear dr. friend who understands my crazed sense of humour and isn’t afraid to fuel my slightly personality disordered fire. le sigh.

it’s amazing what the subtle encouragement of friends can do for the spirit, no? ohhhhh, yes. now, move over imaginary play brain. it’s back to life time. chin up, shoulders back, forward motion, go!


One Comment to “a job well done”

  1. based on your previous post you are awesome at assessments and charting!! nice to be recognized for it.. I keep the notes i get from patients and others and when i get stressed out i read them and it reminds me why i do this. and it does feel extra special when a doc thanks me or even changes their opinion or course of action based on my input. i feel lucky to work somewhere that i am valued and recognized for my knowledge. you do great things wherever you are, they are lucky to have you xo

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