budgets and buddhists

i recently read a tip, no pun intended, on a money-conscious-mom-blog, that in order to save money, you should never pay anyone to do what you can do yourself. thing is, that woman is a bitch. ha!

in all seriousness though, i get her point, it’s obvious logic. unfortunately for me though, in order to keep my personal, marital, familial, vocational, and domestic life up to a standard that i can be at peace with, something has got to give and that ‘thing’ has been my mental health lately. no bueno.

so, impulsively, i contacted a pleasantly advertised cleaner who had posted her contacts in our complex and was delighted that she was willing to detox my home for a relatively reasonable cost and would use green products to boot. done.

on scheduled start day i was en route home from a morning run, mega grocery shop (run # 2), and was in the local liq purchasing festivus for a week of post employment social events we had to look forward to when i received a phone call from my husband, who sounded combo annoyed/suspicious. “um, there is a monk at our door” he whispered to me hurridly, “where are you?”.

nothing like the element of surprise. i am always ready for a little dose of crazy and, in this situation, it only supported my expense further- cleaning and entertainment package deal. who doesn’t like a good bundle?


3 Comments to “budgets and buddhists”

  1. Hee hee! Awesome! What a great investment! Feel free to share my address if your monk is looking for good monkly cleaning deeds to do!

  2. Ha, today was day one of cleaning services at our house – I have to say it was magic to come home to. Worth every cent… even though, I could have done it myself !!!
    Ummm, so did you clean before the cleaning monk came?? Just wondering.

  3. so really? a monk is your cleaning person? what kind of monk? its very interesting… did they do a good job? I am fascinated!

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