say my name

dear moo,

today is mother’s day.

i don’t need you to know it though. i know. i know that i made you with my hopes and dreams for the future.  i know that i loved you when you were just a whisper of a being. i know that you came from me- without a doubt when you laid resting on my chest, still attached to your life source. i know that life began when i saw your face. i know that you were meant to call me momma and that i was meant to answer you.

today is mother’s day.

i don’t need you to thank me though. i thank you.  thank you for finding me when i called for you. thank you for allowing me the opportunity to house you and grow you like a garden. thank you for being such a good teacher. thank you for challenging me to be better for you. thank you for being a joy machine. thank you for slap across the face realizations that in you, i have it all. thank you for exposing even more of your father’s greatness. most of all, thank you for making me a mother.

it is a happy mother’s day, indeed.

i love you and adore you and look forward to watching you become who ever it is you are going to be. i will always be on your team.

love always, your mother.


One Comment to “say my name”

  1. wow this made me cry and cry …. so beautiful and so true for me too….

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