just say yes

avocados. mangos. berries. red wine. white wine. wineries, wine tours, wine tastings. tofino’s food and wine festival. wine under a blanket by the fire. wine with friends. date night with wine. wine and cheese. cheese platters. fresh food matters. produce stands. farms. rubber boots. moo is cute. bbqs. the sound of the rain on the roof. MIST. FOG. WIND. wind in the trees. wind catching leaves. wind in my hair. wind forcing fresh. never mind the rest. cherry blossoms. tulips. hot sun. flip flops. COFFEE. coffee on the deck. newspapers with a good coffee. coffee break. double shot sugar free vanilla soy lattes. laying in the sun. playing in the sun. the way having a tan smells. afternoon naps. fresh air sleeps. camping. fresh mornings. near misses. moo kisses. ocean air. ocean waves. swimming in the ocean. ocean in my hair. being naked in the ocean. ocean on his lips. ocean ice helps my hips. erin laughing. erin singing. erin when she’s sure. art. art boutiques. art shows. artists. performance art. carla moon. fingers over fork and spoon. homemade lunches. moo nose scrunches. book club. book stores. collecting books. being a book head. magazines in bed. magazine subscriptions. newspapers delivered to the door. moo’s voice. moo’s laughter. moo love. love stories. true love. new love. mature love. hot love. love affairs. saying i do, to you, my love. being young. hope. supporting, nurturing, and empowering children and youth. learning. being inspired. new york. pretending i live in new york. visiting new york at new years. snow on trees. docu-lit. canadiana lit. canadiana poetry. canadiana songs. montreal neighborhood parks marked by cohen. dancing all night. dress up life. cool food nooks. healthy food. hippy food. fresh juice smoothies. sangria on the terrace. hours upon hours of terrace talk. people watching on st. laurent. boys that were bad for me. when my body worked. when i was a girl who moved fast. running up the mountain. downtown workouts with loud as the soundtrack. head’s thrown back in laughter. sisters visiting. living in a clubhouse. soul students. martini wednesdays. brunch out. lunch out. happy hour out. dinner out. mousse in the great room. mousse in. mousse on him. daniela creating. daniela emoting. daniela at my kitchen table in a previous life. loose leaf tea. tea shops. cherylina revolutionizing tea time in tuff city. SOBO (don’t know what i’m talking about? FIND OUT). SOBO dinner dates by myself. pinot noir in the winter @ SOBO in the gardens. deck breaks @ the lounge collection. watching the mist lift on the inlet from the red door boutique. pinot gris treats from the shelter during night shifts at the best gallery i’ve ever known. palmira cuddling. palmira slurping. palmira’s yoga class. yoga pants. biking to yoga in tuff. becoming a yoga teacher? big purses. being pregnant. growing a life. feeling moo move in my body. BIRTH. sustaining life on my milk. doctor friends. the cbc. talk radio. random programming. enjoying what comes. letting it happen. letting it unfold. moo’s teaching. learning the easy way. becoming. becoming better at me.   community. growing community. building community. being part of a community. contributing. being good at what i do. finding the life she was meant to live in egypt. old life bannock recipe. incorporating traditional foods into our life. making salmon stew. not dying in car wrecks. not letting car wrecks get the best of me. sliver scars on my face to show the world i’m still winning. kristen making big eye blinks. kristen and her spirit talk. kristen sharing recipes. being encouraged to explore outside of myself. time for myself. indulging in myself. not being hard on myself. loving myself. letting you love me, too. knowing a good man from the rest. becoming a children’s author. future small business plans. taking a stand. gratitude. the religion of the mix tape. car dancing. living in italy. being alone. hands in the dirt. flowers in pots. herbs. all you can eat sushi. old skool crew. honking and waving. crisp sheets. hotel beds. soaker tubs. hot tubs and cold air all around. room service.  charlie woo. carly too! LUSH products. designer couches. interior design. bold colours. kinda crazy clothes. momma blogs. trusting your day care provider. watching moo mature. SLEEP. pay cheques. being debt free. making moo treats. long walks. beach walks. bum tingling post walks. bike rides. the MUP. watching the scale go down. fit body. sunset on chesterman’s. moo pointing and talking. stable upbringings. appreciating where i come from. knowing i got it so good. never being too proud to go home. being a student again. francais. car dancing. dancing in the kitchen. dance parties with moo man.  bean revolutionizing her life. deli olives. the okanagan. fruit stands. farmers markets.  sun screen. osoyoos lake. sage smells. being warm. thunder storm. moo running with his arms like wings. praying for angels. prayer for all. standing tall. never, never hitting the wall. not keeping score. saying yes more.


2 Comments to “just say yes”

  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing you wonderful woman!

  2. Love…….

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