she’s better then me

yesterday, whilst feeling equal parts bitchy and destructive, i consulted a couple of friends about some parenting we’d all witnessed recently. that was some bad mom, right? not that i had many doubts, but my suspicion was confirmed: some bad momness had definitely occurred. no one’s perfect, god knows i’m not, but it was unanimous that her mom skills sucked- on that occasion, anyhow.

today, whilst feeling equal parts bitchy and whiny, i was pulled out of my funk by pure goodness. today, i did not need to consult anyone to confidently acknowledge that my daycare provider does NOT suck. seriously.

she’s lovely and kind and endearing in too many ways to name but what really gets me are the cutesy, educational, and themed activities she prepares for moo and the kids. for example, earth day is this month. wanna know how i was reminded? upon picking up moo from her care this afternoon, strapping him into his car seat, getting my chubby nugget back into the captain’s chair, and opening his pack sack to offer him a commute yummy, i pulled out an adorable piece of moo art- a painted piece of earth, ocean, and globe inspired goodness, wishing me a “happy earth day, 2011”. then, while smiling ear to ear due to the vision i had of moo painting this treasure, i noticed a little bag and pulled it out excitedly. what little delight was this? and yes, it’s true. they were earth cookies! blue, green, and round little bits of divine.

crafts and adorable activities are not something i have either the orientation or interest to facilitate but something i can (and do) so appreciate. i also appreciate cookies, of any variety, at most anytime, especially ones that i discover whilst on the brink of a serious self-pity fest that i know he had some part in making.

goodbye equal parts bitchy plus whatever. hello equal parts delighted and grateful. happy earth day!  

p.s.- before you decide that i’m a bad mom, i do colour with him. it’s not really a craft, i suppose, but i say it counts. and, well, i’m the mom. so, there.


One Comment to “she’s better then me”

  1. You sure do know how to make a girl feel good 🙂 xo Earth day is next Friday! 😉

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