fabulosity, redefined

when you’re a mother and work outside of the home, there are few things as decadent as a weekend off with your family. it’s not quite brunch with the girls, but it’s pure and unadulterated goodness.  in honour of going slow, allow me to suggest beginning weekend festivities with ritual yummy breakfasts.

in our home, we are fans of whole wheat or spelt blueberry pancakes (with cooked pumpkin or yams, shredded apples or carrots, pureed beets or peaches, and always with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and yogurt inside) and, after indulging in deliciousness, we continue to celebrate our togetherness with post breaky dance parties.

give it a try, i believe this simple indulgence is a sure cure for too much time spent apart and i can almost guarantee a good time will be had by all. 

p.s.- i also recommend having ingredients for mimosas on stand by for all weekend bliss fests. i gather there is a little ‘woman about town’ left in most of us and it’s refreshing to acknowledge her and the rest of us with a sleepy toast. to our old selves, our new selves, and, my favorite, our future selves. cheers and happy weekend!

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