mommy mostest

at risk of sounding like the most boring woman that ever existed, or the most arrogant mother in the world (see annoying lady depicted in the video below), i’d like to take this opportunity to brag about my recent accomplishments.

1. i’m officially a baker. it’s true. i bake on a regular basis and the yummy i am producing are wholegrain and veggie packed super goodness treats. i don’t always follow the recipe and they are sometimes a bit chewy and/or over moist but, alas, i dreamt it and it came true. i am an apron wearing, veggie loving, wholesome baking goddess. and, even though moo is now partial to almost anything i put in front of him, it’s still useful. he needs snacks and i like to send lovingly made healthy creations along with him to daycare. it is functional and it eases my guilt.  baking = 2, not baking = 0. 

2. i have earned enough airmiles to ‘purchase’ a slow cooker (pathetic that this is what excites me, no?) and i am slow cooking as we speak. you know, not only does this thrill me (both the $ free ‘purchase’ and the new piece of kitchen equipment), it makes me hopeful for better days ahead. i actually think that this may revolutionize my life. farewell, home from work/daycare to crazy dinner prep with screaming child begging for attention and food and hello, slow cooked, ready and waiting for us hot meal. hey, i started baking- anything is possible.

so, that’s all.

i’m officially experimenting with retro and having success doing so. i’m pretty damn impressed with myself, actually. not only have i defied my disposition by becoming a woman of the kitchen and creator of actually edible things, i’m enjoying it.

thanks for not hating me for being so smug. farewell for now! 

p.s.- as promised, here is a little diddy re parenting politics.


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