word to your mother

my father started a kind of a non-game years ago comprised of choosing random words to honour as the “word of the day” and providing their formal definition in view, so the scope of our family’s vocabularly could benefit, should we choose to play.

this practice has recently resurfaced and now become a sort of geek sport with which my husband has made a full commitment too, apparently, demonstrating he is all too fascinated with random words, their meaning, and their potential usage. good times.

today, in the name of family fun, i have chosen a word of the day, stolen hot off the blog of a fellow momma (JH).

my word of the day, which is her word, really, is “breastaurant”. i don’t know it’s origins or how it should be classified but  i do know it’s meaning (or my interpretation there of) and, well, it’s simply awesome.

i nominate myself  the “word of the day” winner in my household, even if it is not my word and i did no research to support my contribution. it’s that good.


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