being born a mother

for months i have had thoughts circulating about my fuzzy love engorged brain asking to be recognized as ideas and given some credit. having recently been born a mother, however, my ability to retain said thoughts or, even more unlikely, find space to indulge them has (not surprisingly) been compromised. this said, something about this juncture, a significant transition time for my little family of three, has created a sense of urgency regarding the matter. i think i am ready to emerge a little from the cocoon of momland and regain some independent thinking space, even if what i’m thinking about is momland. i think at this time, still with no time, it is due time for me to hear my thoughts and recognize them as more then fleeting. something about writing them down feels even concrete, like a commitment to actually honour them. so, there. that’s all really. some random ramblings and reflections about the gift of motherhood that was bestowed upon me when the moo joined our world and i was born a mother.

if you find yourself reading these words i hope that you enjoy them. i would also hope that you have the ability to be patient with my grammar. it’s never been a strong suit and, well, hardly a priority these days.




One Comment to “being born a mother”

  1. Dear Mom of Moo

    Well put. Considering I am just a little ahead of you, chronologically only, I remember this you speak of, and it seems like everyday, I learn more about having room for this expanding love of mine (thanks for that video that made me cry for an hour….) and room for love of me. When in doubt, I try to remember that “love of me”, make me a better lover of thee….

    Mom of Bugah

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